• Döveç Construction
  • Döveç Construction

Our Vision

Always being number one in Northern Cyprus without sacrificing quality in the construction sector.

Our Mission

Using the best quality building materials to make our customers home at affordable prices and promised dates.

Our service

Construction & Contracting Services, Exchange Consulting, Maintenance & Landscape Services, Special Project Design Services.

Why Döveç Construction

30 Years of Quality and Trust

Döveç Construction has developed safe, comfortable, nature-conscious new living spaces with its professional team, and has managed to become one of the leading companies in its sector in Northern Cyprus.
  • High quality construction works
  • Custom payment plan
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Kitchen and furniture company
  • Rent guaranteed projects
  • Design services
  • After sales service
  • 100% title deed delivery


Construction & Technology

Following all the technical developments in the construction sector closely and applying all the activities.

Customer happiness

We are here to fulfill our clients' expectations and ensure customer satisfaction.


To provide the best service by raising the quality level continuously.


Working constantly to increase the sensitivity of our teams on quality.

After sales services

We will be with you for any problems that may arise after sales and for professional support you may need.
About Our Company

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